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StarCraft 2

Let’s examine the campaign. You who played Jim Raynor, a veteran space marshall, part-time cowboy. He is a world tired, drunk and gray. He who has faced several threats to the galaxy, from a hum... Read More

Dead Rising 2

There is a core plot, and plenty of sidequests oposional that appears for a limited time. And completing all of this that involves running around helping humans undead or psychopathic dengna almost al... Read More

Fallout : New Vegas

Clint what to do? Or, in my game, an athletic red-haired woman who I named “Buck”. Lady Buck, I decide, it’s just going to be an extension of me. If I find the people I was dealing w... Read More

10 poker indonesia

10 poker indonesia adalah permainan kartu yang dimainkan dengan cara berjudi online. Permainan poker ini memang dimainkan secara langsung menggunakan chip sebagai pengganti uang dan dimainkan di meja... Read More

Lost Planet 2

Hell others. Misery lover of the company. Everything is better with friends. thrid-person shooter Lost Planet 2, which sits somewhere in the middle of these extremes, trying to figure out what went wr... Read More