Baby Saga

Yesterday month of August 2015, Perfect Game officially launched its latest mobile game titled Baby Saga, a side-scrolling action game with RPG elements. The new services also running less than two mo... Read More

LINE Heroes Chronicle

More and more game developers and publishers in cooperation with review games messaging applications company in the world, LINE, to publish the latest games. After Fincon with Angel Stone and PlayPark... Read More

Act of Aggression

It’s a strange thing to know that you are not powerless. As realization dawns, the possibilities and options that fall away, leaving you with one conclusion that is not terleakkan. While wave af... Read More

Freedom Wars

Life is not easy to Dinner at Freedom Wars. You are falling into destruction, vaguely urban areas, armed to the teeth with weapons and technology enhanced melee weapons. Once you begin review games to... Read More

NHL 16

NHL 15, by all accounts, a disappointing game. It ended a long line permianan consistently great hockey by removing many of the features that the series has become known, such as shootouts offline and... Read More