Line Dragonica Android ver.

Dragonica Online is a hack and slash game genre MMORPG developed by Funingloo and released by Asiasoft in Southeast Asia (SEA). On July 22, 2015, the end of this game release too, considering this Dra... Read More

Zombie Lava Shooter

Agate Jogja has launched new android game. The title is the Lava Zombie Shooter which Agate released the game in the Google Play market. As the name implies, Lava Zombie Shooter is a review game zombi... Read More

Soulcalibur IV

When Soulcalibur was released on the Dreamcast in 1999, this game gives a new standard in fighting games on the console. Changes that occur in each series is not too much although I admit that this ga... Read More

Bomberman Land

This game heralded long enough, imagine when the Wii first launched presented to the public, Bomberman Land has entered into the list of games that will be released for the Wii console. After two revi... Read More

Conflict : Denied Ops

For a game with enough episode, Conflict: Denied Ops showed no change for the better and can even say this game is the most simple FPS game made in Pivotal Games. Gameplay is presented game review gam... Read More

Devil May Cry 4

Get ready for hardcore action games have come in the midst of us. Well, to be honest, I am among those who most anticipated the appearance of the sequel to Devil May Cry on next-gen era. It was hard t... Read More

Combat Arms

Play the game Combat Arms make you will feel the same battle with the American Army Online or Soldier Front, during the closed beta location of the battle is more limited and just concentrate review g... Read More

The Incredible Hulk

Holiday has come and a lot of interesting themed superhero spectacle bombard us from all directions at once. Blockbuster movies usually have a game that will be released shortly after the film review ... Read More