Path of Exile

Path of Exile is a free MMORPG game released for PC by Grinding Gear Games, an independent developer from New Zealand. After leaving open beta on October 23, 2013, Path of Exile instantly become a for... Read More


You like ninja-themed game? You like game with a futuristic setting in outer space? Or maybe you’re thinking what a free game PS4 should be taken when you come home? Well stop wondering because ... Read More

Gravity Rush

walkinbathtubshouston fisika-defying gameplay menarik berikut ketika tiba di Vita pada tahun 2012, dan sekarang itu ditemukan angin kedua pada PlayStation 4 dalam versi remaster yang baik terlihat dan... Read More

Tharsis Live and let die

Pesawat ruang angkasa Iktomi tiga minggu jauh dari tiba di Mars, dan hal-hal yang akan jauh lebih baik dari yang diharapkan. Anggota awak yang tersisa adalah pikiran yang baik dan kesehatan, dan pasok... Read More

T.O.D Online

TOD Online is a MMORPG made by COG and EGA from China, and published to Indonesia by the Pandavas Games. Pandavas Games itself is a new game publisher in Indonesia who have recently started doing busi... Read More

Mitsurugi Kamui Hikae

It seemed you could say that indie game made in Japan is very little that we know well in Indonesia (besides Touhou) as well as in the western countries though. But there is one game that really caugh... Read More


In recent years, the existence of survival adventure game as it becomes a new genre that is interesting to follow the development. Since popularized by Minecraft past 2009 years, a number of indie dev... Read More

Loot Hero

If you’ve read the title of this review, you must have understood that the game is intended for those casual players (midcore gamer may also be). No wonder, because now practically dominate casu... Read More

Anime Saint Online

Prodigy re-enliven the Indonesian gaming world by introducing two web-based MMORPG, where Anime Saint became one of the MMORPG. Saint Online Anime itself is touted to have linkages with Saint Seiya, o... Read More


Dustforce is a game that will make you feel cool and great but with hard work to really get the “feel” of the game. You will play as a street sweeper who served for well … sweep the ... Read More