Magnacarta 2

Still remember the game Magna Carta? The game was first released on the PS2 console and managed to receive a response that included mediocre have a sequel, which we believe has been known by all of yo... Read More

Pengetahuan Poker Online

situs poker terbaik di indonesia Andy Andrejevic telah memiliki tiga nilai enam angka dalam beberapa bulan terakhir dan dia telah membawa bahwa bentuk yang baik ke Asia sebagai, setelah tujuh tingkat... Read More

Wings of Prey

Wings of Prey is an aerial combat simulation game featuring accurate historical content review games, visual quality, and flexibility of the various flight modes that allow players of all levels to en... Read More


For the uninitiated, Dragonology book series has taken the standpoint of interest in learning the dragon like animals that live in the real world to be learned in terms of science. These books contain... Read More

Napoleon – Total War

In many ways, Napoleon Bonaparte was the perfect subject for a Total War game. He lived during the revolutionary technological advances in which many powerful countries were in conflict with each othe... Read More

Resonance of Fate

It only took less than three months to work on the translation version End of Eternity for Tri-Ace and Sega. In order not to collide in the license, then the title was changed to Resonance of Fate. As... Read More


Mall. A word that is common we see today, perhaps even no longer a word. Because if the call mall, we’d have to imagine a shopping center locations in major cities. Whereas a few years ago, usua... Read More