Final Fantasy VIII

Whenever Square Enix released a trailer for Final Fantasy XV, a lot of comments from various parties regarding the game’s character design that resembles a boyband. The comments always make me t... Read More

Lords of the Fallen

Game cloning has become commonplace in the gaming industry today. Although often considered a negative, I think it is an action that is fine as long as the game is capable of showing color alone to ev... Read More

Assassin’s Creed Unity

Climbing the building with an impossible acrobatic ability, kill the guards are just doing their jobs to support their families, solve the conspiracy theory that stretches for thousands of years, and ... Read More

Far Cry 4

For some people, FPS is a video game genre that is already quite saturated. The scenery you see in the game genre is usually no more than you killing all enemies are visible on the screen. The latest ... Read More

Papers, Please

With the development of the video game industry, we are not only presented with games that only work for pleasure. There are also many games that were made full with messages whose value we can apply ... Read More

The Sims

Do you ever wish you were born again but not as Indonesia and instead be an American? Or are you hoping to be born with a better-looking face and body more athletic and has a girlfriend like Scarlett ... Read More


Besides Kick & Fennick, this month is no longer a new indie game that was released and immediately made free for PS + subscribers. Game I mean the artificial Apotheon Alien Trap Games. Previously ... Read More

Hand of Fate

Sometimes it appears a very unique game how to play and will make us all forget the time when playing. Not infrequently game like this appear suddenly without any massive interest that was built prior... Read More