Trash TV

Trans TV? When you first heard the title, you might expect a game that sends you to fight the power of criminal networks with the likes of Snooki and Kim Kardashian, but this 2D sidescroller and tangl... Read More

Final Fantasy Type-0

This is a game about war – a passionate victory, defeat a bloody, tragic consequences – will focus heavily on the battle. In Final Fantasy Type-0, you are guiding a group of talented teena... Read More

Axiom Verge

At some point in your life, you are waking up in an unexpected place. You are opening the eyes, and for a split second, confusion took over. You may be on your couch after dinner sleepy watching telev... Read More

Three Fourths Home

I could hardly hear my car radio during a thunderstorm. This is only a low buzz and a series of collisions that beriama. I was alone on the highway, flanked by rows of Nebraskan corn, driving in the s... Read More

Cabal 2

When Cabal 2, which was first released in South Korea in 2012, which might have something a little more original, and it certainly would seem better to our eyes than they do now. But three years is a ... Read More

Affordable Space Adventures

Different in 1995, a company called Uexplore which began offering cost-effective journey to a distant planet. Upon arriving at their destination, citizens Yag driven miniature ship, known as the Small... Read More

Galak-Z : The Dimensional

Stern-Z: The Dimensional deceptive. Despite his appearance as a simple 2D shooter aracde, complete with neon laser and frantic shoot-out, there was something more beneath the surface. This is a game o... Read More

Inside My Radio

I highly believe that all skills, in fact we often consider as Bawan – artistic talent, athletic ability, imaginative writing – which can be taught. It’s just a matter of putting tim... Read More

Victor Vran

Victor Vran which will not light any new fires. Well, in a way, the fire is going to happen, but their more vicious. What I mean is that the game does not quite reach the heights colleagues roleplayin... Read More