Little Alchemist

Little Alchemist is a mobile game developed by Chinzilla Inc. and released by Kongregate for gadgets based on Android and iOS. The game is about a alhli alchemy teacher who left for an excursion. Back... Read More

WWE Immortals

When NetherRealm Studios and Warner Bros. spawned his work entitled Injustice: Gods Among Us in April 2013 and then, the game is immediately attracted the attention of gamers Brawler fighting fans and... Read More


A fusion genre of action has often happened in a game, ranging from action to strategy, puzzle and action with others. If the action with a runner? Currently quite rare blend that developers do, excep... Read More

An Octave Higher

In this article Crew KotGa not review the game as usual, but a visual novel (NV) made Kidalang -pengembang same for VN RPG genre game series titled Sage Fusion- entitled An Octave Higher. Games that h... Read More

Ghost Battle 2

Game 2D platform tower defense genre is already a lot, ranging from themed cat, samurai, knights and several others. But from that much many, little has adapted the theme of ghosts. Moreover ghost Ind... Read More

Getamped 2

For those of you who never played Getamped, I’m pretty sure those aspects which you continue to play a major factor Getamped battle system is very responsive and often very hectic. The battle sy... Read More

Dragon & Emperor Online

There are six unique classes in Dragon and Emperor Online with skills-skills and different functions. Berserker is a class that acts as a tank with HP and defense are very high. Twinblade is close to ... Read More

Mitsurugi : Kamui Hikae

It seemed you could say that indie game made in Japan is very little that we know well in Indonesia (besides Touhou) as well as in western countries though. But there is one game that really caught my... Read More

Race the Sun

Sometimes as players we need a short games that we can play a little while in the spare time or before bed. The premise is what makes mobile gaming is so popular. But sometimes some of us are also int... Read More


As we know already a lot of MMORPGs available on the market today, especially after the emergence of World of Warcraft. There are many variations of gameplay and features that are different from any M... Read More