Tom Clancy’s HAWX 2

HAWX 2 takes flight combat sim realism to a new level. Last night, while fighting against helicopter gunships on oil platforms were held in the Persian Gulf, I successfully crash four times, wrote out... Read More


In Magicka, you Wizard. You have eight elements that you can stack, mix, develop, and release. You can throw them in the goblin, throwing them on anything next to you, throwing them in a special blunt... Read More

Tips pemula bermain poker

Haruskah saya bermain Turnamen Poker atau Sit N Go? Untuk bermain atau tidak untuk bermain? Itu adalah pertanyaan ketika Anda pertama kali bermain gameĀ poker di sebuah pokerĀ online Texas Hold’... Read More

Cities in Motion

You are taking over transport in major European cities – such as Isambard Kingdom Brunel, unless you are restricted to play on the bus, digging tunnels and stared at the chart rather than revolu... Read More

Risk : Factions

Chess game would be better if the bishops were replaced by randomly moving Inquistitors? Will Cluedo increase with the addition of spewing demon-spewong Hellmouth? After spending a few days with Risk:... Read More

Age of Empires Online

In most online RPG that you play as a lone hero. In free-to-play Age of Empires Online, your city. You started well as Greek or Egyptian city, and must expand to become a metropolis that is able to tr... Read More