Dustforce is a game that will make you feel cool and great but with hard work to really get the “feel” of the game. You will play as a street sweeper who served for well … sweep the ... Read More


As a JRPG fan, had long felt last I found a turn-based RPG on the PC are nice and exciting. Then a game called QuestRun appear, and thirst I would turn based RPG attracted me to try this game. Unfortu... Read More

Shovel Knight

Many developers are always promoting the games they create a game full of nostalgia, when they sell only graphics pixel art and music chiptunes 8-bit only. So talk about the gameplay and other aspects... Read More

Papers, Please

With the development of the video game industry, we are not only presented with games that only work for pleasure. There are also many games that were made full with messages whose value we can apply ... Read More


Besides Kick & Fennick, this month is no longer a new indie game that was released and immediately made free for PS + subscribers. Game I mean the artificial Apotheon Alien Trap Games. Previously ... Read More

Hand of Fate

Sometimes it appears a very unique game how to play and will make us all forget the time when playing. Not infrequently game like this appear suddenly without any massive interest that was built prior... Read More

Animal Gods

Animal Gods is an adventure game that puts the two-dimensional graphics and beautiful music, a bit of puzzle elements, as well as meaningful nonlinear adventure inspired by The Legend of Zelda: A Link... Read More

PixelJunk Shooter Ultimate

If calculated, it seems arcade puzzle game genre is the kind of game I played the most so far. It is therefore not surprising my smartphone is filled by a lot of games that simply rotate the brain. Fo... Read More