Rayman Legends

2D platformer game genre is very popular in the 90s. The popularity of this genre in the era of the rise of video games make games with this genre quite identical with the children. Various platformer... Read More

Child of Light

If you frequently visit the Asian Games in Indonesia, of course, you know how much my interest in this game. Previously I’ve discussed the Child of Light began when I first recommend this game, ... Read More

Shovel Knight

Many developers are always promoting the games they create a game full of nostalgia, when they sell only graphics pixel art and music chiptunes 8-bit only. So talk about the gameplay and other aspects... Read More

Animal Gods

Animal Gods is an adventure game that puts the two-dimensional graphics and beautiful music, a bit of puzzle elements, as well as meaningful nonlinear adventure inspired by The Legend of Zelda: A Link... Read More

Bomberman Land

This game heralded long enough, imagine when the Wii first launched presented to the public, Bomberman Land has entered into the list of games that will be released for the Wii console. After two revi... Read More

The Incredible Hulk

Holiday has come and a lot of interesting themed superhero spectacle bombard us from all directions at once. Blockbuster movies usually have a game that will be released shortly after the film review ... Read More

Yakuza 2

Yakuza world is always interesting to be explored, especially after SEGA Yakuza series spawned three years ago in Japan. Yakuza initial episode can be fairly successful although not booming review gam... Read More