Ys VI : The Ark of Napishtim

Thus the slogan that became a hallmark of the series titled Ys action RPG. Has a long historical heritage is not inferior to the Final Fantasy series, Ys is one of the pioneers action RPG that are ide... Read More

The Incredible Hulk

Holiday has come and a lot of interesting themed superhero spectacle bombard us from all directions at once. Blockbuster movies usually have a game that will be released shortly after the film review ... Read More

Tenchu : Shadow Assassins

Tenchu ??is a ninja game franchise is very well known and already has a lot of history along its action on the PlayStation 1. But unfortunately, of all the titles being launched, most everything was n... Read More

Knights in the Nightmare

Sting has been successful in its work. After developing games like Rondo of Swords, Dokapon Kingdom, Riviera, Yggdra Union and most recently Knights in the Nightmare. The most review games recent game... Read More

Unbound Saga

In 1995 the past, Comix Zone appeared on the SEGA Genesis with the story in which a comic maker named Sketch drawn into the storybook own creation. In his attempt to get out of the comic, Sketch must ... Read More

Crimson Room : Reverse

The American version of Crimson Room Reverse (CRR) was released for the PSP last month, featuring a classic four sessions that have previously been raised in the adventure game genre with the label ro... Read More

Wings of Prey

Wings of Prey is an aerial combat simulation game featuring accurate historical content review games, visual quality, and flexibility of the various flight modes that allow players of all levels to en... Read More