Bomberman Land

This game heralded long enough, imagine when the Wii first launched presented to the public, Bomberman Land has entered into the list of games that will be released for the Wii console. After two revi... Read More

The Incredible Hulk

Holiday has come and a lot of interesting themed superhero spectacle bombard us from all directions at once. Blockbuster movies usually have a game that will be released shortly after the film review ... Read More

Tenchu : Shadow Assassins

Tenchu ??is a ninja game franchise is very well known and already has a lot of history along its action on the PlayStation 1. But unfortunately, of all the titles being launched, most everything was n... Read More

And Yet It Moves

According to you, how long games with 2D graphics in the gaming world? When calculated in outline, 2D graphics are already about 25 years. Now, games with 2D graphics was already increasingly review g... Read More

Dawn of Discovery

Have you ever heard of a game called Anno? If so, surely you know exactly what it’s games like Anno. For some time, Anno indeed has evolved into one good game, complete with an interesting game ... Read More

Let’s Catch

For gamers all, would have been familiar with Wii Sports, and of course review games, gamers are already anticipating the presence of Wii Sports Resort. Two different games, one (Wii Sports) already e... Read More

Metroid Prime Trilogy

Metroid Prime Trilogy is excellent and the best game ever and the most compulsory purchase of all time. In the recent changes to this Wii console, you will return to play in the review games adventure... Read More