Dustforce is a game that will make you feel cool and great but with hard work to really get the “feel” of the game. You will play as a street sweeper who served for well … sweep the ... Read More

Rayman Legends

2D platformer game genre is very popular in the 90s. The popularity of this genre in the era of the rise of video games make games with this genre quite identical with the children. Various platformer... Read More

Child of Light

If you frequently visit the Asian Games in Indonesia, of course, you know how much my interest in this game. Previously I’ve discussed the Child of Light began when I first recommend this game, ... Read More

Shovel Knight

Many developers are always promoting the games they create a game full of nostalgia, when they sell only graphics pixel art and music chiptunes 8-bit only. So talk about the gameplay and other aspects... Read More

Lords of the Fallen

Game cloning has become commonplace in the gaming industry today. Although often considered a negative, I think it is an action that is fine as long as the game is capable of showing color alone to ev... Read More

Assassin’s Creed Unity

Climbing the building with an impossible acrobatic ability, kill the guards are just doing their jobs to support their families, solve the conspiracy theory that stretches for thousands of years, and ... Read More

Far Cry 4

For some people, FPS is a video game genre that is already quite saturated. The scenery you see in the game genre is usually no more than you killing all enemies are visible on the screen. The latest ... Read More